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An experience.
With joy and levity.
Through music.

Our upcoming Event

Summer Concert

August 22, 2021 | 11:00 am
Mannheimer Kulturtragflächen
Main stage at Schlosspark

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Who we are


Our vision is to fill concert halls with heavenly sounds, harmonies, and people immersing in an unforgettable experience. From a dream to a reality. Our inexaustable life blood drives us to implement endless hours of preparation into a unique musical project.

We dream of gripping orchestral music which arouses meaning, awes listeners, and gives space for people to let go. An orchestra that, through its music, moves hearts, leads into levity, and unleashes new hope and joy in people.

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What we build on

Our Values


Through our music we want to create a breath-taking atmosphere, from which every guest leaves satisfied and full of joy.

“The joy of the Lord is our strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Let us as an orchestra immerse in an experience and, through encountering Him, be refreshed. It will be powerful and we shall give God the glory with joy and gratitude.


We want to bravely dare to do new things, pursuing our dream with courage and boldness. An orchestra that deeply touches people through its music.

For artists especially, courage is fundamental. Courage to stand out, courage to be yourself, courage to let others see what you are bearing in your heart.


Beauty moves. Beauty is diverse. Beauty invites people to dream.

Beauty is not perfectionism, it is much rather an expression of that which is deep in our soul. Beauty means authenticity; it means being real and hence letting go in the music, letting go in an expression of the heart.

The faces behind H.O.

The Team

A word from those behind the vision

We–Lisa Schmitt and Giulia Fuß–founded the orchestra at the start of 2019. Since then we have been following our vision of touching, encouraging, and bringing joy and hope to people through orchestral music.

Our compositions and orchestral work are based on the Christian faith, and we are glad that this creates an important basis interpersonally, as well as helps to shape our vision.

Music has always played a big and important part in our life, and we believe that music can be a special method of expression with which we can honor Jesus Christ.

Just as music is played at church for the glory of God, so we want to carry that out with an orchestra. We believe that Jesus desires to give us freedom, joy, courage, and identity—and for that reason we are convinced that through music, which bears the presence of our creator, this is possible!

Music connects, music touches, music changes.

Become part of a movement

Heaven on Earth.
Together. Through Music.

Be there and experience something unique with us. Let yourself be led into a new world, and leave our concerts emboldened.

Our next concert shall be announced soon. You’re a musician and would like to play with us? Find more information here:

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