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Summer Concert

in Mannheim
Our upcoming Event

One Orchestra.
One Encounter.
One King.

This is the motto of our first concert on August 22, 2021. But this is not just a motto, a mere title, but for us it is our program. We believe that music can do far more than sound good and that faith is far more than warming the pews on Sunday morning. We believe that God can be experienced in many facets, also in music. We want to express this in this concert. Experience euphony, freedom and perfection. Heaven on earth. Be there.


Mannheimer Kulturtragflächen
Main stage at Schlosspark 


August 22, 2021
Doors open 10:30 am / Start: 11:00 am



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Tickets are available online or at the concert: Admission 5€

Due to Corona, contact details will be collected at the entrance either via the Luca app, the Corona warning app or by a contact sheet.

Get excited, enjoy and experience a new dimension in music. A heavenly one.

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